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Music publishers, record labels, songwriters, and artists: tiny discrepancies in your copyright metadata can have big implications for your bottom line. 

Valuable catalogs lose money every day by going into conflict with other rights owners, failing to be registered with the correct music industry organizations, failing to handle unauthorized uses of content on the Internet, and lacking a definitive source of accurate song metadata.

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The alternative is a monumental administrative effort requiring countless, expensive hours from your staff whose time and energy is better spent bringing value to the catalog elsewhere.

You shouldn’t have to go through that. Exploration Rights Management is here.

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What we’ll do is conduct an audit from the information you send us to determine how we can best help you. It’ll come back via email, where you’ll then have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with one of our kind, dedicated staff to walk you through the next steps in working together. 

Please note: None of this costs anything and there’s zero obligation.

Exploration Rights Management earns clients an average return of 8% on a given copyright, taking into account our commission rate. Every day you wait is more money left on the table and less likelihood of getting it back.

Rest easy knowing you’re collecting every available royalty for your music. Optimize your catalog’s yield through Exploration Rights Management.

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